SO Jannelle TV is a magazine talk show highlighting stories of immigration and representation, aiming to entertain and inspire the Filipino American and Global Filipino audience, hosted by Jannelle So, one of the 100 Most Influential Filipinas in the U.S. (Filipina Women’s Network). The show features stories of Filipino immigrants; personality profiles, community events and trends that highlight a variety of aspects of the Filipino lifestyle in North America.

Segments that highlight the inspirational immigrant stories that live within the Filipino-American community; why they moved to the US, the struggles they face and how they overcame them in order to thrive in America.

Impactful stories from Filipino-Americans that show courage and determination to achieve their goals and dreams.

Coverage on trends in fashion, social media, technology and community talking points – as well as interviews with up-and-coming personalities – reflecting anything that’s currently popular and in-demand.

On-location segments that feature Filipino hubs in different cities across America from restaurants, spaces, music events, travel, and tourism.

Engaging coverage of high profile events ranging from press conferences to Hollywood parties and everything in between.

Interview segments with recognizable guests in the field of fashion, sports, politics, culinary, and entertainment; whether Filipinos, Filipino-Americans, or U.S. mainstream celebrities with affinity to the Filipino community.

Segments that feature passionate Filipino-Americans that have stood out from the crowd because of their unique talents and skills.

Uplifting and diverse stories of struggling through obstacles and triumphing over adversity of individuals from the Filipino-American community.

Informative public service segments that address common issues that affect the Filipino-American community aiming to educate and empower viewers.

Insightful interviews with power couples within the Filipino-American community to discuss juggling diverse sets of careers, relationships, and family lives.
Features and interviews with celebrities, movers and shakers in the entertainment capital of the world – Filipinos, Filipino-Americans, and even U.S. mainstream artists with connection to the Filipino community.

Energizing content on current and upcoming events and projects featuring Filipino-American culture and talent – from musicals and plays to conferences and festivals.

Segments that showcase a client’s service and/or product’s ease of use to be produced as a regular segment of the main show.

We bring you stories that matter.

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