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Send Money Back to the Philippines at NO FEES

Can you imagine sending money back to the Philippines without paying any fees?! Well, imagine no more because So Jannelle shares with you a FREE, FAST, CONVENIENT and So Easy way to send your money remittance via #Sendwave.

We know many of our kababayans back home are struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing lockdowns. That’s why we are so excited to tell you about Sendwave, a company that is trying to support the Filipino community in getting access to financial support during these difficult times.

The Sendwave mobile remittance app allows Filipinos overseas and OFWs to send money back home to their families at #NoFee. You can send from your phone to GCash, major bank accounts in the Philippines, and to partnered cash pickup locations.

You can download the app here: bit.ly/solibre. Your recipients will receive the money you remitted quickly and securely. And as a welcome treat, get extra $5 credit when you use our special code: SOLIBRE. Watch the video for the So Easy ways to navigate through the app.

Sendwave started in 2014 as a mission led company by two engineers from Brown University. They wanted to make sending money across the seas as simple and affordable as sending a text. Recently, they’ve grown to become a leading provider of remittances to Africa and Asia with over 400k active users. In addition, Sendwave is licensed across the United States and backed by many world-renowned investors. It was recently acquired by WorldRemit and also appeared on the Y-Combinator List of Top Startups, along with Airbnb and DropBox.

Download the app now so you can send love to your friends and families back home and it is SO EASY!👍

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