How do you raise a level-headed and kind-hearted child? One seems to wonder what Jannelle So and her husband Lester Perkins did to raise Lilly Jade Perkins, who, thanks to her parents’ home videos, share truths, insights and realizations with us that we usually only get to after many years of living.

Or in contrast, the kind of knowledge we probably can have if we’ve only lived less years than we can count in one hand. That balance of innocence and wisdom, of knowledge and purity, is what makes Lilly Jade Perkins a joy to watch and a fresh voice to listen to.

Maybe it’s the love and attention that Jannelle showered her ever since. Or perhaps, it’s what she saw in her mom and dad, her first teachers in life. And in this pandemic-ridden world, the home is the classroom, and how lucky is Lilly to have both Jannelle and Lester as parents and teachers. With parents like them, the lesson is life and life is the lesson.

They say perception is reality. But we say perspective is everything. May we learn to earn or go back to the perspective of Lilly Jade Perkins, a child yet a grown up so many of us can learn from.


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