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AG Rob Bonta on the Increase of Hate Crimes in California & His Fight to Stop the Hate

There has been an alarming increase in the number of hate crimes reported in 2021. In a recent report released by the California Department of Justice, hate crimes in California have skyrocketed to 32% from 2020 to 2021 – the highest reported level since 2001. In this So Informed segment, we invited California Attorney General Rob Bonta to discuss the key findings from the report, explain what constitutes a hate crime and a hate incident, and increase awareness on how the state and community can address and fight back against these injustices.

To those who are afraid to speak out or have experienced or witnessed any form of hate crime, you are not alone in this. AG Rob Bonta assures that you there are people, organizations, and services that will help you and those who hurt you will be held accountable. Together, let’s stop hate. 

California Civil Rights Department on Protecting Californians Against Hate

With the increase of hate crimes in the community, California steps up in their mission to combat hate. Becky Monroe – Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives & External Affairs of California Civil Rights Department, emphasizes their mission of protecting Californians from unlawful discrimination, employment, housing, public accommodations, human trafficking, and hate crimes.

In doing so, they implement a comprehensive strategy wherein they acknowledge and address discrimination issues in housing, employment, and schools that contribute to the climate of hate. She explains that additionally, the Ralph Civil Rights Act provides protection to individuals by allowing them to file charges if they are targeted for hate. The department also plans on launching the California Versus Hate Response Line and Network this fall to ensure that there is a platform where people can easily report and seek support. 

Fighting Discrimination and Racism as One

To fight and #StopTheHate, allies and members of the Filipino-American community came together to talk about the increasing rate of hate crimes over the past years – a social issue endemic to AAPI immigrants.

Listen as several known personalities open up about what they have gone through in relevance to this issue. Reliable public figures also share how to combat hate and how aiding organizations, resources, and various supports are available to targets and victims who seek help.

#StopTheHate for everyone. Let’s share this page to change the world.

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