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Gary Valenciano: Melodies from the Heart

We have all felt the power of his songs.🎤🎼 Now, Philippines’ Mr. Pure Energy #GaryValenciano​ has a new single #MakeUsWholeAgain​ timely released on Easter Sunday, to send across his prayer of restoring hope to everyone’s heart in the midst of our unending battle with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Gig Job Apps to Make Easy Money

Most industries are in a state of flux and many have lost jobs because of the ongoing lockdowns due to the pandemic.If you are one of those affected and is currently sidelined, why not consider these online apps to make easy money while waiting for the economy to bounce back up?

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Breaking money rules during the pandemic

As the pandemic has changed the world, there are some #financialrules​ that can be temporarily altered for us to make it through these trying times. From the amount of emergency funds we need to build, to relying on credit cards, #RodMercado​ of Financial Rescue prescribes some changes in money rules just until we are out of the woods.

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Jessica Cox on achieving the impossible

Filipina-American #motivationalspeaker​ #JessicaCox​ is an amazing reminder that anyone can achieve the impossible. Born with disability of having no arms, Jessica often questioned her mom as to why God made her as such.

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Exclusive Interview | May Ann Licudine: Finding My Voice in Art

#MayAnnLicudine​ is the elusive #MALL​, award-winning #Filipinavisualartist​ , sculptor and illustrator, with sold-out shows in the US since 2008. She rarely gives video interviews, as she is extremely shy due to her speech impediment. Thankfully, she agreed to share her inspiring and So Cool story with @SoJannelleTV!

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