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The Many Ways Taekwondo Champ Pauline Lopez is a Kick-Ass Shero

#Taekwondo is one of the most popular combat sports and self-defense art in the world and it has been an Olympic event since 1992. It was initially dominated by men, hence the young #PaulineLopez was discouraged by her dad to pursue the sports. But, Pauline shrugged off the notion that girls should only be feminine, and insisted getting into the sport of Taekwondo. With the guidance of her father and uncles, who were all part of the Philippine National Taekwondo Team, she started training at the young age of 9.

Though living in the US, she chose to move to the Philippines, to join the National Team and represent her motherland. A two-time gold medalist at the Southeast Asian Games, Pauline’s dream ever since a kid is to be an Olympian. A big dream that she is still chasing today. Through many sacrifices, investing in rigorous trainings and numerous disappointments, she never loses hope and is still focused to earn a spot at the #Olympics.

Losing is painful, but she draws strength knowing that she is able to provide inspiration to younger kids. And for Pauline, it’s not about winning but in being resilient, keeping the attitude and never giving up. For her, it’s all about “failing forward”, bouncing back with small steps, and learning from the experience.

Bringing her discipline and values learnt in sports, Pauline is also dabbling into modeling, hosting, producing and soon acting. There’s really no stopping this young, beautiful Filipina from achieving her childhood dream and so much more!

Join Pauline in this #SoInspiring interview as she boldly shares her experiences, teaches Jannelle some of basic taekwondo kicks and punches, shows us her favorite medals, and reveals some of her daily routines.

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