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Filipino American Cast, Crew, Basketball and Music in And One

#FilipinoAmericans in the entertainment industry are just raring and ready to conquer the world. 🇵🇭 Actors, musicians, directors, scriptwriters, there are just so many great Filipino talents worthy to take on the global stage. And as soon as author Reno Ursal got some love and recognition on his writing piece, with leap of faith he jumped on and ventured into his first-ever film directorial debut. He gathered a cast and crew, mostly comprised of Filipino Americans, as he developed a perfect formula for a So Cool film set to be released in 2023.

And One is a a faith-based coming-of-age feature film with musical elements. The story revolves around Mia and her love for the game of #basketball.

Reno is joined by actors Dion Basco, who is very busy with the #TheFabulousFilipinoBrothers and singer actress Jules Aurora in this interview with host, Jannelle So. They talked about auditioning for their roles in the movie, their favorite moments during the initial filming and how today is an amazing time for Filipinos as they have been getting more and more representation in the international film industry.🇵🇭🙌

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