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What makes a frontliner couple’s relationship stronger in the time of COVID-19?

In this last part of the 3-part interview with frontliner couple Jaja and Paco Arespacochaga, they share with us how the pandemic made their relationship much stronger.

Jannelle shares how at the start of the pandemic, when she had to stay at a hotel alone and away from Paco and their kids was difficult. Paco struggled to adjust from being physically together to just facetime-ing his wife.

When Paco, Jaja’s mom, and the other kids tested positive, Jaja and Cassidy had to move out from the house and book a hotel for 2 weeks. Paco recalls how they were getting on each other’s nerves due to the difficult situation they were in. “It got so costly,” Jaja says. Paco then tells us how having emergency funds is a huge importance in this pandemic.

Having an “emergency friend” is also quite helpful, says Paco. They were grateful for their friends who really helped them out during that time.

Jannelle asks the couple what advice they would give to couples who find themselves arguing a lot during pandemic. “Your patience has to be amplified,” says paco. Having empathy towards your partner is also important.

Paco then shares with us that COVID19 is “like a bad ex-girlfriend” that comes back and leaves a trace even after the 14-day quarantine period. Another advice they share is to always prioritize each other, and fix problems immediately together.

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