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FULL STORY: Jaja and Paco Arespacochaga’s encounter with COVID19

In the second part of the 3-part interview with frontliner couple Jaja and Paco Arespacochaga, they got #SoCandid and shared with us their encounter with COVID19.

The couple shares that being frontliners, they get regularly tested for COVID19. Both of them always got negative results until Paco started to get symptoms of the virus. He enumerates the first symptoms he got which were having phlegm and scratchy throat for a couple of days. Jaja then advised Paco to get tested for COVID which he did, and got a positive result within 24 hours.

“Iba ‘yung pakiramdam, parang nalaglag ‘yung loob ko,” (It was a different feeling, it felt like my heart fell.) says Paco. Paco also shares how it was difficult for him to share the news to his mother-in-law. He recalls how she was also experiencing the same symptoms as his while he was waiting for his results. Turns out his mother-in-law was also positive for COVID. Two of their kids also contracted the virus. Fortunately, Jaja and Cassidy tested negative.

Jaja remembers how she cried when the results came out. Paco says that he most likely got the virus when he did groceries. Though Paco always followed the safety protocols, wore protective masks and made sure his hands were always clean, it was unfortunate that he still contracted the virus.

Jannelle asks them what challenges they faced after members of their family tested positive and how those affected their family. Paco recalls how frightening the first week of being covid-positive was for him and how he prayed and hoped that he wouldn’t get severe COVID symptoms. Fortunately, Jaja’s mother’s symptoms weren’t severe as well.

Paco and Jaja share their learnings from the COVID19 experience:

  • Be cautious but don’t be fearful.
  • Don’t take your symptoms lightly
  • Don’t be afraid to get tested
  • Practice social distancing

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