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Hon. Marvin Lim explains the U.S. Senators runoff elections this coming January

In this segment of So Informed we are joined by Georgia State Representative-elect Marvin Lim. Hon. Lim is the first Filipino state representative in Georgia.

Jannelle starts the interview by asking Hon. Lim what pushed him to run for office. One of the things that motivated Hon. Lim was Filipino-American representation, since there weren’t many FilAms who were running for office. “I wanted to serve the diverse and vulnerable population in Georgia,” says Hon. Lim.

“I want to help push for the government to ensure that all people are rewarded for their hard work,” he mentions that this was also what pushed him to run for office. Hon. Lim says that his and other people’s hardwork are what allowed him to empathize with other people, hence wanting to work for them.

Jannelle asks Hon. Lim how important was working hard to get the voter turnout higher even when he was unopposed. “It was also very important for me to get the constituents to participate because at the end of the day, I know very much it is not about me,” Hon. Lim says.

Hon. Lim reveals the increase in voter turnout from 38% to 48%. He says that he wouldn’t have achieved this increase if he didn’t continue to canvass people up until the election day.

Jannelle mentions the runoff in Georgia and how it is important for the senate. Hon. Lim takes us step by step on how the senate runoff in georgia works.

Lastly, Jannelle asks Hon. Lim what would his order of business be when he assumes office this January 2021.

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