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Filipinos represent resilience and strength in Hollywood

✴️ Actor, producer and director #AngeloReyes (@angeloreyes_com) is living proof that you shouldn’t give up on your dreams. He never did, and now his new short film “21st & Colonial” is making waves — and has even been nominated and chosen as official selections in several local and international film festivals.

Born to a Filipino father and Italian mother, during his childhood Reyes watched a ton of Filipino, Italian, and English cinema — which gave him a special bond with art and film that grew into a passion for acting and filmmaking.

21st & Colonial won the #REMIAward at the #54thWorldfestInternationalFilmFestival, and also received nominations in different categories.

As an American, Reyes he has kept himself attached to his Filipino and Italian identities, which helped him mature as an actor and explore different aspects of his personality. Angelo’s struggle to keep in touch with his roots also reflects in his productions. His films often explore the intricacies of the Filipino culture and raise awareness around diversity and inclusion.

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