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Making it Big Behind the Scenes in Boxing

🥊🥊🥊The Philippines is a hotbed of boxing talents and has produced world-caliber boxers from Pancho Villa, Ceferino Garcia, Flash Elorde, Luisito Espinosa, to Manny Pacquiao and many more.

While most of these boxers have made names fighting inside the ring, there are men of Filipino descent who are working behind the scenes and making waves in the boxing industry without any gloves on.

#JoeQuiambao, a Fil-Am from Long Island, and #NelsonLopezJr., a Filipino-Cuban from Florida, are two of the most influential people on the business side of boxing, but few know who they are. Both had success as boxers, winning amateur titles, but now are involved with making business deals with most of the top promotional companies around the world.

#SoGame correspondent Ryan Songalia tells us their stories –about how they got their starts, the hustle they had to show to make their names, and the advice they have for others who want to make it in such a chaotic business.

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