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Danilo Yu Chang speaks out about being a victim of Asian racism

At 59 years old, 5’10 and at 185 lbs, #DaniloYuChang​ felt that he is unlikely to be the target of #AsianHateCrime​ amongst elderly which is alarmingly on the rise in Northern California. But on his first day at the office after working from home for months, he was struck by an assailant from behind, which left him unconscious in the streets of #SanFrancisco​. Thankfully, he woke up but now he has a swollen face.The bruises he sustained are now slowly healing but his soul still shaken. He’s now planning to leave the city he calls home for 21 years to find a safer shelter as he supports his four children.

Watch as Tito Dan shares his story , hoping that you will listen, take action, help at the same time be vigilant and be ready to speak up against Asian racism. It’s time to care about our community and be SO Informed.

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