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Isabel Sandoval talks about the many firsts of her film Lingua Franca

In this So Hot feature, FilipinX filmmaker #IsabelSandoval​ unveils the many firsts of her acclaimed #LinguaFrancafilm​. Catching the eye of Ava Duverney’s Array, the film is now in distribution on streaming giant #Netflix​. Indeed, she has come a long way since debuting it in the 2019 Venice International Film Festival. And she attributes her secret to success by staying authentic, not compromising or backing down. An immigrant and a transwoman of color, Isabel embraces everything unique about her and that makes her standout.

Watch our full interview with Isabel Sandoval as she endows gems of advises from thriving as a Filipino immigrant to making it to Hollywood.

Have you seen Lingua Franca yet, how engaged were you with the film? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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