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SoJannelleTV Spotlight on Women Warriors

Revisit highlights from #SoJannelleTV​ Spotlight on #WomenWarriors​ , celebrating International Women’s Month last March 2021.

It was an empowering session, proving how #AsianWomen​ cannot be defined as victims: We are warriors, we are fighters. We will stand up. We will speak out. We will correct wrongs. We will be proactive. And we will not back down without a fight.

Guest panelists:
GLORIA T. CAOILE, National AAPI Labor Leader – former national executive director of APALA
HON. KRYSTLE ANG PALMER, Filipina American Elected Official – City Treasurer, Burbank, CA
ANGELENE SUPERABLE, Special Assistant to the Mayor of New York City
DIANE PHELAN, Actor, Director, Artist & Activist. Founder of #UnapologeticallyAsian​ and #RacismIsAVirus

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