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“No Dogs” – short film highlighting 1930 anti-Filipino riots

What’s in a sign? A lot of history and lessons. Filipino American actor and writer #GeorginaTolentino was struck by the picture of a sign that said, “#NoDogs Allowed, No Filipinos Allowed” — which was taken in California in the 1930s. That year, the Watsonville Anti-Filipino Riots led to the death of Fermin Tabera, a Filipino worker. Georgina teamed up with Alex Fabros to write a short film about this harrowing era in Filipino American History — so that future generations of Americans will make sure to never repeat it.

Joining them is talented Film and TV composer #TangeleneBolton, who introduces and infuses the film with music from the ‘Kulintang’, a Filipino brass and percussion instrument with a unique sound. ‘No Dogs’ is indeed timely, as we celebrate Filipino American History Month this October. For more information and to find a screening near you, visit www.nodogsfilm.com.

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