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Reliving the Martial Law Years in the face of historical distortions

“We can’t move forward, if we can’t look back on the past.” – Jannelle So-Perkins

🛑 According to the Center For Migrant Advocacy, “In 1972, former President Marcos imposed #MartialLaw leading to the exile of political opponents. The political, social and economic uncertainty under martial law rule of President Marcos pushed opponents and middle class Filipinos to leave the country.”

While many Filipinos fled to countries like the United States (an important part of #FilAmHistory), there were more who stayed behind to resist Marcos’ martial rule. Hon. Etta Rosales shares her experience as a political prisoner and tortured victim in Manila during this time. These moments forged her to become a #FilipinaWarrior who fights for human rights and democracy, as Chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines from 2010-2015.

To watch the full lecture with Q & A, you can view the USFGG Town Hall Meeting here – https://www.facebook.com/usfgg/videos…

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