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Leni Likes Lilly (Little Girl Discovers that the VP is Her Fan)

It’s no secret that our host Jannelle So admires #VPLeni’s courage and grace, and the way she raised her daughters to be strong women. But it was a sweet surprise to find out that the Vice President is a fan of her daughter #LillyJadePerkins!

Watch this segment where VP Leni and Lilly meet on Zoom ❤️ Follow Lilly too on @lillyjadeperkins!

Also, get some useful #parentingtips from one strong single mom on how she is raising her 3 daughters to be good, strong, compassionate and kind people.

And amidst all the frustrations, the most powerful woman in the Philippines shares how she unwinds. Keeping all the government affairs, with all its privileges, power and popularity, as just her job and not treating it as her life actually shields her from all the stresses.

Hear her sincerity and authenticity in this So Candid interview.

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