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Bianca Bustamante: Fueled by Family, Driven to Win

Behind every victory, there’s a team that fuels the dream. Meet Bianca Bustamante, whose success shines as a tribute to her parents’ unwavering support.

In a heartwarming tale of sacrifice, her father worked three jobs, seven days a week, as an OFW in America. Tirelessly, he sent funds back home, financing Bianca’s fuel, entry fees, and the pursuit of her racing aspirations.

But it’s not just her father who’s the hero of this story. Bianca’s admiration for her mother, a pillar of strength, runs deep. Raising Bianca and her brother, who lives with Down Syndrome, single-handedly, she embodies the true essence of resilience.

This is a reality many Filipino families understand intimately. While dreams may appear distant, love consistently paves the way forward.

Watch Part 2 of our #SoCandid interview with F1 Filipina Racer Bianca Bustamante now!


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