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Turning Setbacks into Success: Bianca Bustamante’s Story

In Part 3 of our #SoCandid interview with Bianca Bustamante, we reflect on her victorious F1 Academy moment.

Before her first taste of victory, she navigated through challenging lows. The pandemic struck, and her father lost his job, leading to a forced racing hiatus for Bianca.

Guided by her coach’s unwavering support, Bianca reclaimed the track. She reciprocates by pushing herself to new limits, fueled by the determination to elevate The Philippines on the global motorsports stage.

This year, she emerged as an underdog, the dark horse of the competition. Against all odds, she secured a remarkable podium finish in the first F1 Academy season race.

From lights out to the checkered flag, Bianca led the race, clinching her first-ever win. As The Philippine national anthem played and the flag soared high, Bianca etched her name into motorsport history.


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