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Chasing Her Dreams: Bianca Bustamante’s Unstoppable Journey of Dedication and Dreams

From the very beginning, Bianca Bustamante’s heart raced for one thing: to conquer the track.

Guided by her dad’s love for speed from a tender age of one, she zoomed into her first kart at 3, and at 7, she was already hitting the gym, channeling her free time to refine her racing prowess.

The road she chose was clear—dedication, sacrifice, and the unwavering support of her parents. At 18, her relentless hard work painted a triumphant picture as she clinched victory, becoming the first Filipina to conquer a Formula 1 Academy race.

But for Bianca, racing goes beyond trophies—it’s about chasing dreams and rewriting limits.

Dive into Part 1 of our #SoCandid interview with Bia and witness the journey of a true champion.


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