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Cecilia Chung on being the Pillar of SoCal Pinoy Community

Cecilia Chung, dubbed “the Accountant with a heartbeat,” is one of the pillars of the Filipino community in South California. Even though her journey of immigrating to the US was filled with hardship and trials, like most Filipinos, she did not waver.

She fondly remembers how she, without hesitation, jumped at the chance of moving to the US. This route did not go without its challenges. Still, Cecil persevered, working with a legal team to ensure her stay in the US was permanent. At the same time, she dedicated her time and resources to bettering herself through her studies to become a successful accountant.

Currently the Managing Partner at CMC Legacy Consultant, Cecil proudly aids the Filipino community by providing support and sharing her experiences in immigrating. “People help people.” she firmly believes in this mantra. By keeping true to her roots and network, Cecil has emerged as one of the leaders in her community.

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