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Arlene and Leslie Laddaran Share Their Love Story and Immigration Journey

In this So True episode, we continue our interview with Arlene and Leslie as we get to know them more as life partners as well as tracing back their journey as immigrants.

For Arlene, she had to finish her first year in high school in the Philippines before moving to US. It was difficult for her considering that during that age, she was already able to form friendships with people back in the Philippines. But eventually, coping became easier because her whole family is with her. She also points out that ‘Filipinos are able to adjust and assimilate into a culture where we go to as we all do’.

On the other hand, migrating for Leslie was a lot easier for him compared to Arlene because he moved to the US right after finishing high school. He then attended university and worked hard for his doctorate degree with a purpose in mind – to get good education. Afterwards, he practiced dentistry and met Arlene through the process.

The couple’s love story began in 1984 through Arlene and Leslie’s grandmothers. Arlene’s grandmother was visiting from the Philippines and met up with Leslie’s grandmother. They both had an idea of introducing Arlene and Leslie to one another, set them up, and the rest is history.

Currently, they were awarded with a new #McDonalds branch in Palmdale and aiming for their seventh store by the end of the year, with their son-in-law who is being guided as a co-owner-operator.

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