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A Successful Life & Business Partnership with Arlene and Leslie Laddaran

Over the course of time, #McDonalds has proven itself to be one of the most successful fast food chains in the world. With it being a huge corporation, you will be surprised to find out that Asian Americans have been making history in its franchising business.

Arlene and Leslie Laddaran are known to be the only Filipino American franchisees in Southern California. But getting into the field of franchising was definitely not a walk in the park for them. They had to start from scratch and learn to be patient as their first application as franchisees didn’t turn out well. Fortunately, fate was on their side as they were given another opportunity to apply, eventually landing on an interview, and getting accepted into the program.

Arlene talks about the beauty of working at McDonald’s and adapting to its own system. She finds it rewarding because it establishes a camaraderie that sets them up for success. They are guided by the three-legged stool where the corporation, the owner operator, and the vendors have to be successful in order for McDonald’s to be successful.

Through this belief and the company’s encouragement to reach out to more people, Arlene and Leslie are set into growing the next generation of Asian American owner operators and strengthening their community by supporting and helping one another.

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