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Fil-Am artist Jefre talks art, heart, and his LA Art Box pop-up exhibit

There are life-changing events that happen to people–those that turn their fates around forever. In Filipino-American artist Jefre’s case, it was when he discovered art, and when he came face-to-face with life and death.

#Jefre was 30 years old when he underwent triple bypass surgery, triggered by a heart attack while working at an event in Miami. His second lease on life turned him to go back to his passion and produce works in art and design that speak meaning and purpose. “If you spell out the word “heart,” it has “a-r-t” is part of it. I know it’s a cliche, but it’s something that is more personal to me. So you can always see something in my work that talks about that,” says Jefre during our sit-down interview.

In his latest pop-up exhibition at the Fil-Am-owned gallery The #LAArtBox, Jefre showcases installations that talk about his immigration story and history with heart disease, among others. More than creating immersive art integrated with technology, he wants to convey a message to the people: “I wanted people to remember not to forget your roots. When you’re here looking for success, you should always recall and remember where you come from.”

Jefre Pop-up will run until March 6, 2022 at The LA Art Box located at 8020 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. Know more about his immigration story, his work and passion in our latest #SoInspiring episode on #SoJannelleTV.


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