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Filipino-American thespians conquering the world stage

When theater is mentioned in a Filipino community, the first name that comes to mind is #LeaSalonga—a household name that came to be when she brought to life characters in Miss Saigon, Les Miserables, and in Disney movies, among others. She has been celebrated for more than just making it to the world stage, but for representing Filipinos while at it. She has paved way for Pinoy girls and boys to chase their dreams.

This week’s guests are fast making a name for themselves. Filipino-American theater actor Van Ferro, who recently won two #BroadWayWorldChicago Awards mentions in this week’s segment the great Filipino theater actors who have inspired him, exclaiming that “Filipinos are a perfect fit for theater.” He shares more about his immigration story and what drew him to theater in the video.

Isabella Dawis, on the other hand, has excellent theater feats under her belt herself. Recently, she was granted the #FredEbbAward alongside co-songwriter Tidtaya Sinutoke. She shares some anecdotes about how growing up in a Filipino household naturally drove her to explore the arts.

The future is looking bright for aspiring theater artists, and Van and Isabella are a testament to that.


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