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Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco opens up and shares his humble beginnings

A young child in Samar started dreaming of becoming a fashion designer when he watched the classic movie #MyFairLady, starred by the fashion icon #AudreyHepburn.

Fast forward to now, Dubai-based fashion designer #MichaelCinco is taking the fashion industry by storm.

He studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines Diliman for two years until he moved to Slims Fashion and Arts School in Manila. He trained in London and Paris in the late 90s. After, he moved to Dubai to create his famed fashion brand name, Michael Cinco and is now one of the top fashion designers in the Philippines.

But before he established himself as a world-renowned fashion designer, he experienced racial discrimination and rejection. But it never hindered him from reaching his dreams. He believes that fashion is borderless. One can appreciate clothes because it is beautiful, not because of the nationality of the person who made them. Rejection also taught him to strive hard and show the world that he could be on par with the other designers.

The movie My Fair Lady opened his mind to couture and ballgown dresses. It inspired him to create something like beautiful and voluminous gowns. It is one of the factors why the women in the Middle East love his uninhibitedly regal, opulent haute couture gowns.

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