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Must-know Information on Gun Violence

The recent events of mass shooting in Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay have left people in fear, causing trauma both mentally and emotionally. And while we grieve with the communities affected by these tragedies, we immediately took action to provide you resources to educate yourself on how to act in these types of situations.

In this #SoInformed episode, we virtually sit down with Dr. Lois K. Lee, Pediatrician and the Chair of American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Injury, Violence and Prevention to talk about gun violence and its impact on mental health.

Learn insights from Dr. Lee as she shares fast facts on mass shooting and gun violence, the accessibility of firearms despite the existence of strict state laws, and how to address gun control without removing the rights and freedom to choose from our citizens.

We also dive deep with Dr. Lee to know how to protect our children when news like this reach them. Get tips on how to explain such topic in the most honest way possible in order to keep their mental health in check.

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