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A FUNkon Day with Mike Becker

Whether you’re into video games, movies, comic books, popular TV shows, anime, or even a popular Filipino icon, there’s a #Funko for you.  Funko caters for every fandom and franchise you can think of.

Our host, Jannelle So, takes us to an exclusive Press Preview of #Funkon2021 and sits down with @Original Funko Founder and VP of Creative Entertainment #MikeBecker to talk about his amazing run from being a toy collector to founding a company doing extremely well globally.

Doing what he loves is what Mike says the key factor to his success. Failing too many times though made him realize that to do amazing things you have to overcome three life road blocks: (1) not having enough time, (2) not having enough money, and (3) not having enough background. But Mike knowingly advises to not let these hurdles discourage you rather welcome them, fight through them, and do not let them stop you from continuing your journey. He also shares how Filipinos are happy and upbeat, and always make him feel better — which is why they created the Funko Pop Darna, Manny Pacquiao, Jo Koy, and other popular Filipino icons. And did you know that half of the creative artists at Funko are Filipinos? Oh, pretty cool, right? And what’s even cooler is an all-access tour with Jannelle at the Funko Hollywood Store with lots of VIP tips on how you can best enjoy and maximize your visit!

Creating things and entertaining people have always been Mike Becker’s passion, such we’re sure Funko is here to stay!

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