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DonBelle in An Inconvenient Love

Star Cinema brings back the magic with their 1st movie in 3 years entitled, “An Inconvenient Love” directed by Petersen Vargas, starring Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano! The movie is about Manny and Ayef, who come from different backgrounds in life and have no time for love or romantic relationships. When they meet each other, they come to an agreement to be in a relationship but with a due date— just before Ayef leaves for Singapore.

While in the US recently, #DonBelle gets So Candid with us as they share what life was in a lock-in set and the adjustments they’ve made with very little connection with the outside world. They also talked about the preparations they made before they started filming the movie — from Donny’s immersion to plants and learning how to motorbike, to Belle’s immersion in playing a character that is very different from her personality. It’s a romantic-comedy you surely wouldn’t want to miss! Showing in cinemas on November 23 in the Philippines and on November 25 in the US.

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