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BTS ARMY Xia and Shadouh get real about how BTS help them cope and heal

We’ve stumbled upon unique and exciting stories from Xia and Shadouh, a pair of unlikely friends whose common denominator is #BTS. They met on the 4th Day of the Las Vegas leg of BTS’ Permission to Dance Tour and became fast friends.

“They say you find BTS at the right moment when you need them the most.” 💜

And that’s when Shadouh Lopez encountered BTS for the first time. After the untimely passing of her husband due to cancer, she started having hallucinations episodes that almost led to a driving accident. Shadouh began her healing with BTS as they took her to a happy place.

Xia Jones has been battling anorexia since she was 12 and has developed depression and anxiety. She has had suicidal tendencies, but she has been reminded of a quote from Jimin, a BTS member. This motivated Xia to start her recovery journey because of the idea that “there’s someone out there who is experiencing the same things.”

Connecting to their songs, the members and the community, in general, became an escape from the harsh and cruel reality that people walk every day. Their themes and the messages conveyed through their music bring people to their very own “Magic Shop.” #SJTV #permissiontodance

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