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Exclusive Interview | May Ann Licudine: Finding My Voice in Art

#MayAnnLicudine​ is the elusive #MALL​, award-winning #Filipinavisualartist​ , sculptor and illustrator, with sold-out shows in the US since 2008. She rarely gives video interviews, as she is extremely shy due to her speech impediment. Thankfully, she agreed to share her inspiring and So Cool story with @SoJannelleTV!

Mall’s creations have captured the imagination of her fans around the world. Despite all the bullying and pain that happened to her in the past, Mall uses art to give voice to her emotions, observations, and dreams. Her works vary from whimsical to haunting, but each one is exquisitely and lovingly detailed. Many art collectors around the world scramble to buy them as soon as she puts them on display.

Join us as we take a peek into Mall’s art studio, and see how far her imagination has taken her.

Videos and photos of Mall’s work, courtesy of May Ann Licudine: https://instagram.com/shardula

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