Two women-led media organizations announce partnership

Los-Angeles based Filipino American Program SoJannelle.com inks content collaboration  with Philippine-based digital news outlet Rappler.com

March 2, 2021 (California, USA and Manila, Philippines)  –  As International Women’s Month opens, two news outlets founded by award-winning Filipina American media pioneers Jannelle So and Nobel Prize Award Nominee and Time Person of the Year Maria Ressa, announce a content partnership to tell the stories of Filipinos around the world.

Rappler.com is partnering with Jannelle So Productions, Inc. (JSP), founded by Filipino American Pioneer and Los-Angeles-based journalist Jannelle So, to publish video and written stories from SoJannelleTV about the journeys, successes and challenges of Filipinos living in America.

With her casual and friendly approach, So gets her guests to open up and share sentiments, experiences and viewpoints not normally shared with traditional reporters. While many of her guests become her friends as they navigate the pathways of their passions and professions, So is not afraid to ask the difficult questions especially for those who are in public service.

Founded in 2017, SoJannelleTV was JSP’s first production that aims to gather accurate news and information, tell culturally-relevant stories, and provide helpful tools that will enable viewers and followers to survive and thrive.in the United States, whether they just moved to America or were born and raised there.

There are many inspiring stories that evoke pride in the Filipino diaspora. And if we don’t invest in discovering and sharing them, who will? We can’t just wait for “mainstream” to pay attention to us. We have to pay attention and take an interest in each other’s stories and journeys. I’ve taken it up as my mission – to provide a platform, to amplify stories and magnify voices. “I’m grateful and elated that I’ll get to work with the women leader founders of Rappler to share stories that matter and bring us closer together.”

“This partnership is built on a shared vision to inspire Filipinos and Filipino communities in the Philippines and the world, said Rappler’s co-Founder and Executive Editor Glenda Gloria. “We hope that these stories will move Rappler readers to take steps to make a better world.”

Rappler comes from the root words “rap” (to discuss) + “ripple” (to make waves). It was born to a new world of possibilities – driven by uncompromising journalism, enabled by technology, and enriched by communities of action. 

Through cutting-edge stories, conversations, and collaboration, Rappler aims to speak truth to power and build communities of action for a better world.

Formed as a company in July 2011 and launched as a website in January 2012, Rappler stands on three pillars – journalism, community, technology – that are bound by the shared values of trust, courage, integrity. It is composed of veteran journalists trained in broadcast, print, and web disciplines working with young, idealistic digital natives eager to report and find solutions to problems.  

So  is not new to the media landscape. A Communications graduate of Miriam College in Manila, she rose to fame as a young court side reporter in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).  In her six year stint, she also covered top local and international events such as the 1997 ASEAN Informal Summit in Malaysia, 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok and 2002 Asian Games in Korea, the1998 Philippine Presidential Elections, 2000 Centennial Celebrations in the Philippines, 2006 NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston, Texas; and the fights of boxing champion Manny Pacquiao. 

During those time, parents and siblings all moved to California and she opted to stay behind to continue in her career track. At her father’s prodding, she visited the US, honed her skills in Print and Broadcast Journalism at UCLA, before creating, hosting and producing  America’s first and only locally-produced daily talk show for Filipinos. The show aired on KSCITV-LA18 in Southern California for eight years under So’s leadership and was syndicated in Hawaii on KIKU-TV. 

Now with So Jannelle TV being on its  fourth year, So is looking forward to reaching new lands and hearts through the #JSPXRappler collaboration.

Jannelle was named one of the 100 Most Influential Filipino Women in America, by the Filipina Women’s Network. She has also received recognition from the Los Angeles Press Club and New America Media. Catch the #RapplerXSoJannelleTV Partnership every Sunday on Rappler.com. To learn more or pitch features, visit www.sojannelle.com

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