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Grishan Roof: A Preschool Teacher turned Kit Whisperer of Elite Makeup Artists

@depotchopra also known as Depot Chopra, is a professional kit organizer and makeup curator to celebrity makeup artists of Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and more. But for Grishan, achieving success was not linear. She had to go through a couple of major career transitions and challenges before finding the right path that she’s destined to be in.

In this So True segment, she opens up about starting as a preschool teacher, moving to the U.S. and losing her passion for teaching, experiencing fear and discrimination for being an undocumented immigrant, being sent to cosmetology school, to becoming an expert in depotting for the industry’s top makeup and hair artists. She also shares how she transitioned to content creation during the pandemic and the art of depotting makeup.

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