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Actress Aina Dumlao cracks the door open for Filipino representation in Hollywood

Filipino actress #AinaDumlao recently made waves as she landed a role as a Filipina nurse in the season finale of the hit series #GreysAnatomy. She sits down with host, Jannelle So, to talk about her #immigrant life and Hollywood journey filled with challenges, heartbreaks and success. Infusing her Filipino heart in every role she takes on, Aina is hopeful that she is able to crack the door open and pave the way for more Filipino representation in Hollywood, thus a step forward to breaking stereotypes. After all, no matter the medium, Filipinos deserve to be seen and heard . ??

Hollywood still has a long way to go before it can be considered truly fair and diverse, especially in representing Filipino-Americans. But with standout talents of Filipino heritage pushing for authenticity, such as Aina, we may just keep the momentum of breaking into the mainstream entertainment industry. ?

Aina is best known for her roles as Andie Lee in MacGyver (2016) and as Natalie in Ballers (2015). Dumlao is headlining “The UnusualSuspects”(2021), produced by SBS Australia, alongside Miranda Otto (Lord of the Rings, Homeland (TV series) and Michelle Vergara Moore, Dumlao plays long-suffering nanny, Evie De La Rosa, a godmother of sorts for other Filipino domestic workers in the rich suburbs of Sydney.

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