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More Filipino Americans should Run for Office

✅ Rising above the “gang life” prevalent in his locality during his youth, #MarkPulido was elected Mayor of Cerritos, CA for three terms (maximum allowed) — and has mentored others to also serve the community and amplify the Filipino American voice with excellence.

Inspired by his parents’ life of service and activism, Mr. Pulido encourages the participants of NaFFAA’s #RunForOffice program to keep going, keep representing, and keep fighting for “a place on the table.”

“Representation means people will see that we’re equals to them — that we’re not subhuman, we’re not inferior, and we are deserving of equal representation, and a part of the decision making that affects our communities and our nation,” says the former mayor.

Mr. Pulido adds, “I encourage every one of you to run, keep running, to govern and do right by the people — to serve the People.”

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