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What does true happiness mean to Michael Cinco?

#MichaelCinco, a Dubai-based fashion designer, has reached new heights with his recent collection gracing the runways of #LAFashionWeek early this year. His creativity and hard work led him to success, but his humility is unfaltering.

Despite his current trajectory–international success and popularity, Michael admits that there is still more he wants to accomplish. He notes that he wants to achieve “true” happiness, and he fondly defines it as being able to help and inspire others and being at peace with himself.

He confesses that representing the Philippines and inevitably becoming a role model for the next generations of fashion designers is quite the Herculean task. It’s a responsibility he proudly wears on his sleeves, and his advice for the young designers is to always remember that fashion is not all about glamour.

Unbeknownst to many, Michael is a very religious person. His daily routine includes praying first thing in the morning and before bed. He believes that everyone has to be grateful for their life and be more appreciative of the family, friends, and supporters they have.

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