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Representation Matters: Ysabel Jurado’s Vision as LA City Council Member

Join us as #YsabelJurado opens up about her #SoInspiring journey and the transformative impact she aims to achieve through her campaign for the #LosAngelesCityCouncil.

She delves into the challenges faced by her district, including the influence of career politicians. She shares heartfelt insights into being the daughter of undocumented Filipino immigrants, offers valuable advice to fellow single moms, and emphasizes the importance of embracing one’s authentic self.

Ysabel’s candidacy holds the potential to make history as she could become the first Filipina-American on the Los Angeles City Council and the first woman to represent District 14.

Tune in to hear Ysabel’s powerful narrative, gain a deeper understanding of the issues in District 14, and discover why representation truly matters.

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