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Let’s Fight Hate TogetherI NaFFAA Hate Crimes Task Force

Do you hope, like we do, for hatred and violence against Asians and people of color to end?

Watch our #SoInformed​ interview with Chris Rivera and Legal Good Counselor Lara Gregory as they explain the importance of #HateCrimesTaskForce​ organized by National Federation of Filipino American Associations #NaFFAA​. An action group committed to serve the Filipino-American community by being the one-stop shop of resources for victims, witnesses and advocates of hate crimes.

By sharing each other’s experiences, offering messages of hope and contributing resources, the task force hopes that we, Filipinos and Asians in general, can live safely without having to be constantly looked over our shoulders. In uniting, they also expect to reach the most vulnerable in our community and then come together to fight hate with hope, faith and love.

For more info on how you can be part of this NaFFAA Hate Crimes Task Force, please visit www.NaFFAA.org .

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