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Streaming trends among Asian Americans

In this segment of So Hot, we are joined by Patricia Ratulangi, VP of Global Communications of Nielsen.

Nielsen is an American information, data and market measurement firm, and Patricia is here to talk with us about the streaming trends in the time of pandemic.

Since the start of the pandemic, people have been forced to stay home and limit outside interactions which drives people to consume more digital content. Patricia states that they saw a tremendous increase on media consumption across the country. She also mentions how Asian Americans are “leading cord-cutters.” One of the reasons why Asian Americans are such is because they are more likely to try out new technology. Another reason is that Asian Americans have the buying power to spend on these electronics.

Patricia shares with us her must-watch movies for Asian Americans:

  1. Emily in Paris
  1. Never Have I Ever
  1. Kingdom
  1. Jo Koy

Patricia explains that the reason behind the increase of Asian American media consumption is that “we want to have a connection to who we are in people who look like us and the storylines that are familiar to us.”

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