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Cafe Mithi wants to introduce Americans to the best of Filipino baked goods

In another segment of So Hot for our Thanksgiving Special, we invited Mithi Aquino-Thomas, owner of Cafe Mithi.

Cafe Mithi is a home bakery business located in Tampa specializing in Filipino baked goods.

Mithi tells us the story of how her daughter Zoe started baking during the pandemic and how she was just helping her ship the goods. Then, it finally became their business. Cafe Mithi’s specialties are ube cheese pandesal, regular pandesal, cheese rolls, ensaymada, etc.

Mithi also mentions how she dreamt of owning a coffee shop and a restaurant but the pandemic has disrupted her plans and “the next best thing was a home-based business,” and how she wanted to introduce Americans to the best of Filipino baked goods.

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