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Toyota bZ4x is the Future of Automotive

#Toyota, the pioneer of the hybrid line, is bringing its expertise in the automotive industry to commit to going clean and green. With their trailblazer, the all-new #ToyotabZ4X, they are doing their part in taking care of the environment.

Dubbed “bZ4X” for “Beyond Zero,” this stylish crossover will bring efficiency and cost-effectiveness to its owners. With the Toyota badge of durability, reliability, and style, the new bZ4X is packed with features that make its driver better.

The new Toyota bZ4X boasts an outstanding driving performance with its smooth acceleration, instant torque delivery, and quiet drive. It is equipped for every journey with the AWD XMODE that can tackle any terrain with all-wheel drive capabilities and all-weather reassurance.

With the gas prices at an all-time high, the use of an all-electric vehicle can help you save on top of government incentives and rebates. As for its superb battery performance, it’s running for more than 450 km on a single full charge and with zero emissions and can charge up to 80% for only 30 minutes!

The Toyota bZ4X is also big on its environmental benefits by reducing CO2 emissions by going fully electric. This is the first step in Toyota’s plan to produce clean and green vehicles from start to finish by 2050.

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