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These Filipino Artists and Creators Showcase World-Class Talent

Among the many things that connect Filipinos worldwide, entertainment and the arts might just be two that top the list. From content on social media, TV, print media, and the fine arts, Filipinos are fast making their talents known across the globe.

Cases in point are this segment’s guests, starting with @hella.basa creator Arjay San Andres, whose Instagram meme account was voted the Funniest Filipino-American IG of 2021. His brand of humor, according to him, works because it closely relates to his audience. “I want Filipinos growing up in the United States to learn about the Filipino culture also,” shares Arjay in this interview. “Picking up things with their feet, and pointing things with their mouth.” If you ask us, those are sure relatable, and also hella funny facts.

#JayOliva, Hollywood’s youngest studio owner and also the executive producer of #Netflix‘s Trese, is a self-taught artist that started his career as an animator. “Like most Asian families, my parents were, like, “Don’t get into art, there’s no money in art. Go be a doctor,” he shares, but that was just sparked his passion and motivated him to learn how to draw. He paved his own way to reach the heights where he is at now–from being a storyboard artist, to being a director, producer, and now a studio owner. Learn more about his story and how taking chances on people is a gift that will keep on giving.

Comic book writer Budjette Tan takes pride in Trese, a comic book hit adapted into a series by Netflix in 2021. From this interview, you will learn how growing up hearing stories about aswang in the Philippines inspired him to create his own comic book. “It’s great to know that other people around the world find it interesting,” says Budjette. “It felt like a weird combination of being in a dream and experiencing deja vu,” he adds, when commended on Trese being a top platform content in 19 countries. According to him, the formula that tied the interests of people on Trese worldwide is tapping on the “great fascination of the unknown,” among other things.

We caught visual artist #LouisdeGuzman during one of his exhibits in LA, where he discussed about how Filipino pride shows in his work. “Filipinos have a lot of pride,” he says, crediting the hard work and perseverance once puts in creating an art. When asked about how a life lesson he lives by and helps him with his craft, he gave a simple: “Do what you love. Keep going.” Know more about the hottest Filipino-American artist right now—on this video!


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