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Power Pinay Behind the Lens: Ida Del Mundo

Recognizing the power of film as a platform in impacting social change, filmmaker Ida Del Mundo leads an all-Filipina team in her latest project “Never Forget”, an independent film set to begin its production in New York after it has reached its #SeedandSpark crowdfunding goal.

Initially, Ida did not want to pursue a career in film as she wanted to carve a name for herself, away from her father’s shadow–the well-respected Filipino film director, producer and writer Clodualdo Del Mundo. But coming across the story of a Filipino indigenous tribe, Ida eventually was lured to the same trade as her father and realized “that the best way to tell their story is through film.” Her first-ever film, #KnaTheDreamweaver features the culture and the art of the T’boli of Lake Sebu in South Cotobato, Mindanao. Released in 2014, her film continues to travel the world and showcase the beauty of this Filipino indigenous culture.

Now based in New York, Ida is all fired up with her vision of representing and telling more of Filipino stories to the world through her #filmmaking.


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