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Hella Basa voted as the Funniest Filipino-American IG Account of 2021

Wonder why your Instagram feed is filled with funny pictures and videos? Well, #memes are now an essential part of modern social media. And admit or not, there’s nothing quite like the endorphin rush from laughing at a meme to distract you from your busy daily going-ons or just to add some color to your monotonous routine. Offering hilarious and Filipino-related memes is social media influencer Arjay San Andres, who created the first ever #Filipinomeme account on Instagram way back in 2016. From zero to now at 136k followers and counting, #hellabasa is voted as the No.1 Funniest Filipino-American Instagram Account of 2021. 😂🤣😝

Hella which is a Bay Area slang for “very”, while Basa which is the Tagalog translation for wet is actually a Bay Area slang word for “nice”. Such, when you say Hella Basa, it means “Very Nice”.

Creating his platform allows Arjay to fulfill his mission of connecting Filipinos from around the world with the Filipino culture, especially the quirky ways that we do things. It also gives him the opportunity to help others.

With the growing community of @hella.basa, Arjay believes that consistency is one of the main secrets to the success of his platform. And don’t forget, funny and relatable content is still the key!

How about you, what’s the funniest Filipino meme you can relate to, share in the comments below!

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