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Budjette Tan describes Trese’s success as like living in a dream and experiencing déjà vu

When #BudjetteTan was a child, his elders would tell him to go to sleep early — lest Filipino mythical creatures like “aswang” and “tikbalang” come after him. These monsters lurked in the dark, and fascinated him — inspiring him to create the graphic novel #Trese with illustrator #KajoBaldisimo. Trese is now a hit anime series, and the first Filipino anime series on #Netflix, reaching the Top 10 Trending list in 19 countries.

Budjette sits down with Jannelle to talk about the origin of his unique name, the journey of Trese, his thoughts on seeing his work come to life, and his favorite character in the series. He also shares his immigrant story, as a Filipino residing in Denmark with his family

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