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All-Electrified 2025 Toyota Camry

One of our favorite Toyota Product Specialists Rebekah Johnson joins us again to show us the all-new 2025 Camry. A standout new feature is that it comes standard with a #hybrid power-train getting up to 45 MPG combined!

The #ToyotaCamry has been a fixture in so many Filipino households known for it’s legendary reliability! In it’s 9th generation the updated sedan has a new sleek, sporty design. The interior is driver-focused and can be had with optional features like red-leather seats and technology like a 9 inch display, 10 inch HUD and built in USB ports.

There’s a Camry for everyone and it’s the only option that will give you everything you want all-in-one!

Did you know it was Jannelle’s first car in the PH and here in the States?

How about you, what’s your Camry story? Share with us in the comments below!

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