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Ogie Alcasid Unplugged: ‘Kilabotitos’ and His Unexpected Chemistry with Ian Veneracion!

In this #SoCandid conversation, Ogie Alcasid delves into the world of “Kilabotitos” and shares the unexpected chemistry he’s discovered with Ian Veneracion.

It all started when Ogie’s team, who had previously worked on Ian’s sensational concerts, proposed the idea of a joint tour. The response from their fans has been nothing short of phenomenal, making them feel right at home in the United States.

Now, you might be wondering, what’s “Kilabotitos” all about? Is it goosebumps, a secret recipe, or magic potion? And how on earth did they turn aging into a superpower? You won’t believe the answer!

Stay tuned for this episode of laughs, insights, and surprises!

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