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Georgina Pazcoguin: Redefining Ballet and Advocating Change

Join us for Part 2 of our #SoCandid conversation with the renowned ballerina, Georgina Pazcoguin, as she shares her incredible journey in the world of ballet and activism.

Georgina, famously known as the Rogue Ballerina, delves into her personal struggles, triumphs, and the significance of representation in ballet. From defying stereotypes to founding initiatives against outdated portrayals, such as ‘Final Bow for Yellowface’, she shares compelling insights on effecting change in the dance community.

This discussion touches on the importance of individual paths, the power of small acts in creating significant change, and the paradoxical nature of conformity within the ballet world. Georgina’s commitment to storytelling, activism, and her passion for the arts shines through, offering an enlightening perspective on pursuing one’s dreams while advocating for a more inclusive future.

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