SO Jannelle is a talk/magazine show for Filipino Americans and Global Filipinos, hosted by Jannelle So, one of the 100 Most Influential Filipinas in the U.S. (Filipina Women’s Network). The show features issues, current events, and highlights a variety of aspects of the Filipino lifestyle in North America — from fashion to politics, to sports and community affairs.

SO Bold

FilAms4Biden & yFilAms4Biden on their journey from campaign period to victory

In this segment of #SoBold, fearless aunt-and-niece Loida Nicolas Lewis and Lora Nicolas Olaes, who started FilAms4Biden and yFilAms4Biden respectively, recount their organization’s journey from campaign period to the victory of US President-elect Joe Biden.

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SO Informed

Hon. Marvin Lim explains the U.S. Senators runoff elections this coming January

In this segment of So Informed we are joined by Georgia State Representative-elect Marvin Lim. Hon. Lim is the first Filipino state representative in Georgia.

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SO Together

What makes a frontliner couple’s relationship stronger in the time of COVID-19?

In this last part of the 3-part interview with frontliner couple Jaja and Paco Arespacochaga, they share with us how the pandemic made their relationship much stronger.

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SO Candid

FULL STORY: Jaja and Paco Arespacochaga’s encounter with COVID19

In the second part of the 3-part interview with frontliner couple Jaja and Paco Arespacochaga, they got #SoCandid and shared with us their encounter with COVID19.

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SO Inspiring

Frontliner couple Paco and Jaja Arespacochaga’s sacrifices during COVID

Joining us in this 3-part segment is a lovely frontliner couple, Paco and Jaja Arespacochaga.

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SO Cool

The Filipino behind Facebook Avatars

In this segment we are joined by a Filipino American with the coolest job, ever. Dino Ignacio is the Design Lead at Facebook Reality Labs.

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SO Engaging

SO Jannelle’s Guests

SO Jannelle features a diverse set of guests from a wide range of backgrounds — entertainers and celebrities, entrepreneurs, and FIlipino-Americans with extraordinary stories. Previous guests include:

  • Mark Dacascos
  • Darren Criss
  • Reggie Lee
  • Arnel Calvario
  • AJ Rafael
  • Angelica Hale
  • Marian Bacoluba
  • Anthony Rosaldo
  • Alaiza Malinao
  • Deedee Magno-Hall
  • Clifton Hall
  • Jamaal Wilkes
  • Janet and Ruben Nepales
  • Jonas Gaffud
  • Abby Luz
  • Beverly Vergel
  • Olivia Quido
  • Noel Lopez
  • Alexis “Bong” Monsanto
  • Angela Perez-Baraquio
  • Joel and Ave Jacinto
  • Jennifer Paz and Anthony Fedorov
  • Jordan Clarkson

The Content Segments

SO True

Segment that highlights the inspirational immigrant stories that live within the Filipino-American community — why they moved here, the struggles they faced, and how they overcame the struggles to thrive in the U.S.

SO Hot

Coverage on trends in fashion, social media, technology and community talking points — as well as interviews with up-and-coming personalities — reflecting anything that’s currently popular and in-demand

SO Local

On location segment that features all things local Filipino, from restaurants and musical events to travel and tourism

SO On the Go

Engaging coverage of high profile events ranging from press conferences to hollywood parties and everything in between

SO Candid

Interview segment with recognizable guests in the field of fashion, sports, politics, culinary entertainment; whether Filipinos, Filipino-Americans, or U.S. mainstream celebrities with affinity to the Filipino community.

SO Inspiring

Uplifting and diverse stories of struggling through obstacles and triumphing over adversity of individuals from the Filipino-American community

SO Informed

Informative public service segments that address common issues that affect the Filipino-American community related to public policy in the United States and the Philippines.

SO Together

Insightful interviews with power couples within the Filipino-American community to discuss juggling diverse sets of careers, relationships, and family lives

SO Hollywood

Features and interviews with celebrities, movers and shakers in the entertainment capital of the world — Filipinos, Filipino-Americans, and even U.S. mainstream artists with connection to the Filipino community

SO Happening

Energizing content on current and upcoming entertainment featuring Filipino-American culture and talent — from musicals and plays to conferences and festivals and everything in between

SO Easy

A 60-second, fun insert segment, featuring hints and tips on anything quick and easy, from understanding the law to learning the Filipino language to cooking

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